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How can you care for pre-owned luxury watches?

26 April 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, you know that luxury watches are more than just a timepiece. They are works of art that deserve nothing less than the finest care and attention! Learning the proper methods to care for your luxury watch is a must to ensure its longevity and value. In this article, we will share how you can keep your pre-owned timepiece running smoothly for generations to come!

How can you clean your luxury watches?

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When a luxury watch is well taken care of, it will not only perform better but also be more aesthetically pleasing. The natural oil from our skin, along with exposure to pollutants in the air, can contribute to our timepieces developing a scruffy look over time.

Fortunately, a watch cleaning kit can be easily put together without having to revisit an authorized dealer. All you need is:

  • A watch-specific brush or an extra soft toothbrush
  • A clean and soft microfibre cloth.
  • A pack of anti-bacterial wipes.
  • A magnifying glass.

Your very first step should be inspecting the watch closely. This is why we recommend you get a magnifying glass, as it allows for a more thorough examination. Pay attention to all parts of your watch. Is there any area that’s not firmly connected to the case? Do you see any chips or cracks? If yes, you should take it to a professional to have it repaired.

Then, move on to gently cleaning your watch with a piece of an anti-bacterial wipe. Be thorough with every surface, engraving, and edge. After that, use a brush to carefully remove any exposed collections of grime. However, timepieces made with soft metals such as gold may be scratched easily. Therefore, if you aren’t sure, it is best to get the watch professionally cleaned instead of accidentally blemishing it.

Lastly, wipe it down with a microfibre cloth. Be sure not to use just any fabric, such as the shirt you’re wearing, as microfibre is designed to be gentle on delicate surfaces.

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How should you store and protect them?

Proper storage and protection are essential in maintaining the longevity of your pre-owned luxury watch. Some of us may place them in a drawer or on our bedside table, unknowingly causing them to accumulate dust and dirt. Before we dive into the multiple methods of safe storage, you’ll have to select a proper location which ideally will be:

  • Dry and free from moisture

  • Cooler than room temperature

  • Avoids exposure to sunlight

  • Clean and dust-free

Once an appropriate location is identified, let’s have a look at storage practices to keep your luxury watches in top-notch condition.

Consider getting a watch box

The original box in which your timepiece came in is the best choice for storage! On the other hand, if you happen to have multiple watches and want them kept in the same place, it pays to invest in a watch box. They are usually fitted and lined with soft padding to prevent your watches from being damaged. Furthermore, the box can also be safely moved from one place to another, as it prevents the timepieces from knocking against each other.

Use a drawer insert

A storage insert for your drawer provides space-saving solutions when it comes to organising your luxury watches. It is similar to the watch box, as it comes with soft padding to keep your watches safe and separated from each other. However, you won’t be able to carry it around like the box or pouch.

Use a watch pouch for portability

For those who are frequent travellers, or have a favourite luxury watch they wear more often, a watch pouch is an excellent choice! Compared to a watch box, a pouch provides greater convenience when taking it from one place to another while protecting the timepiece from damage.

Get a watch winder for automatic timepieces

An automatic watch is kept wound through our body movements. When it remains unused for a period of time, you’ll have to reset and wind it manually. This device will mimic the motion of the watch when worn on a wrist, rotating in a set direction to keep it ticking.

Keep them all facing up

No matter the storage options you’ve chosen, ensure that your luxury watches are placed face up. This is to avoid scratching or even cracking the face, which is one of the most difficult parts to replace.

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Why should you take them for regular servicing and maintenance?

Having your luxury watch serviced not only helps to keep it in good working condition but also maintains its value. As your timepiece may have more than a hundred working mechanisms, it can experience wear and tear over a period of time.

A professional can accurately detect any potential problems that may arise, potentially saving you from ending up with a broken watch. Regular servicing should ideally be performed every three to five years, depending on the frequency of use and how it’s stored. You should also be aware of signs that your watch needs to be serviced before it is due for one.

Inaccurate timekeeping

Rolex, Tudor, as well as other major luxury brands, pride themselves on accuracy when it comes to timekeeping. Having your timepiece be ahead or behind in time is a cause for concern.

“Fogging” in your watch

Brands such as Omega, and Patek Philippe have taken extensive measures to ensure their watches are as water-resistant as possible.

If your watch is “fogging”, it means that moisture has found its way into it. And this is never a good sign. To prevent further damage, we recommend you bring it to be serviced as soon as possible.

Loosened parts

There may be more than a hundred parts in your watch to keep it running, and brands such as Audemars Piguet meticulously inspect each of them to uphold high standards of perfection before piecing them together. Having a part loosen over time is inevitable due to wear and tear. You may also hear a rattling noise when it is shaken or moved.

Are you interested to know more about luxury watches?

pre-owned luxury watch, when well taken care of, can last for a long time with proper care and attention.

If you are interested in knowing more about them, feel free to contact us, or book an appointment and we will get back to you soon!

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